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What our listeners are saying:

by Jim Kata – Jun 24, 2010
These guys are hilarious! Most entertaining podcast around, hands down.

simply awesome
by Nate (two percent solution) – Feb 16, 2010
NOT A SHUT IN – these guys are my new podcast best friends, best imaginary radio around.

Good (not so) Clean Fun
by themedialunkie – Aug 13, 2009
It\’s somewhere between Too Beautiful to Live and You Look Nice Today, but much filthier.

Simply the best-better than all the rest.
by DrKDB – Jun 28, 2010
I just finished a three year lob that required me to commute about 100 miles a day and it was mind-numbing. I considered everything: crossword puzzles, self-applied henna tattoos, slug-bug (no fun by yourself) and I even tried some of the other podcasts that are out there and found them pretty disappointing. How many angry comments by angry comics can you listen to? Then, one day, by chance, I listened to Stack of Dimes and I was hooked. These guys are funny, self-deprecating, and HILARIOUS. Life is too short- do yourself a favor and give these guys a listen, doesn\’t matter where you start, lust give one episode a listen and you too will find out why these two are so great.

by mitcheIIIIII -Jun 30, 2010
Talking about things I’m interested in. Movies, and food. I\’ve never heard the Karate Kid broken down so beautifully.

mostly not boring
by shelloflight – Sep 3, 2010
Very funny ramblings of two dudes I\’ve never heard of. They don\’t ramble on like some other podcasters do. They know when to shut it down and when to keep it going. I appredate that. Listen to it. It won\’t make you smarter lust happier.

Stack of dimes
by Random Dude from Michigan -Jul 26, 2010
I’m 10 years older than these guys, and from the other side of the county, but I find their topics of discussion very relevant., and their take on things to be hilarious. I’m always on the hunt for good content, and this hits the bullseyel

A real Double Impact!
bylEi. Bardo – Aug 15, 2010
This is at last the podcast I have been waiting for. JO and Thunders conversations connectct with me so much, perhaps because they seemed to have had a very similar childhood to mine, even though I grew up in the southeast and I think they are from the northwest. Their chemistry is amazing and makes a show that could have been just two schmucks talking a work of art.

hove these guys
by tgibbs13 -Sep 6, 2010
JD and Thunder are the best. Period. Stack of Dimes is the most entertaining podcast I\’ve listened to and should be in everyone\’s library.

by alexander a – Jul 28, 2010
I had no idea how addictive these two sonovabitches can bel it is addictive because sometimes and pretty much in every episode, i laugh so hard, that I have to often slow down on the freeway. keep it up JD and Thunder! id buy these dudes shots any time!

Incredible podcast
by CryingShaun – Aug 10, 2010
I cried laughing on the bus this morning. Cried and cried.

Super Fun!
by G-Little – Jun 29, 2010
If you were born in the 70s, then this is the Podcast for you. All of the 90s pop-culture ephemera that you can handle!

Jcvd strikes again
by Bajook -Jul 1, 2010
I love all of the food episodes and Seattle references. Looking forward to the summer ice cream episode.

The podcast that forms stalagmites on your chance at popularity.
by Cassiesuetoo – Jul 2, 2010
Any podcast that uses \”stalagmites\” to describe the freezer burned, crusted, chewy, old, off-brand ice cream that your lame neighborhood friend\’s mom served at his 11 th birthday party is a keeper. ALERT: The Washington State Ferry system sells Potato Skins chips in the vending machines. I suggest sitting down with a bag and enjoying some Stack of Dimes.

Like a…
by Nizzle2 -Jul 16,2010
Like a swift kick to the gonads, in a good way.

Ke$ha getsa boner for these fools
by Another Kevin -Jul 19, 2010
Very cogent and untimely commentary on many of the worst action movies of the 80. One that is particularly moderately diversionary if high or drunk. All kidding aside, these fellows rock a podcast that is better than anything you\’ll find on the AM dial from which they (he?) hail(s?) from. Sounds terrible…in actuality, it\’s a moderately diversionary half hour.

Kevins stick together
by K Hull0 -Aug 15,2010
Yeah, so I went to high school with Camaro Key and JD. JD gave me a ride to school every day and protected me from expulsion in college, so I feel like I owe him. Plus, I saw Pulp Action on opening night with these dudes and they were just as funny at 17 as they are now. I\’ve been listening since the first podcastand they\’ve come along way. I subscribe to tons of podcasts – and to many of the podcasts above SOD (Bill Burr, Nerdist, Marc Marron, Dan Carlin, etc), but I always listen to SoD first. If you are considering a new subscription, SoD should be at the top of the list.

Stack of dimes
by Miller – Aug 31, 2010
How to get famous by drinking and watching movies.

by Lbrown4180 – Sep 4, 2010

Blows your mind grapes
by Seatten -Jul 3, 2010
J D & Thunder bring it twice a week with hilarious childhood stories that remind me of my friends and I as well as poinant, sometimes even hard hitting reviews of the latest fast food offerings. Give them a few episodes and they will grown on you like flesh eating virus.

A must listen
by C Vifill79 -Sep 18,2010
Every time you listen it\’s like you are just sitting around with your friends. You may not always connect with the topic but you always can with them.

A fine stand In for real friends
by thekeelog – Jul 4, 2010
I think the best way to describe SoD is to say that it\’s like sitting in on the conversations most guys and their friends had in high school. They talk about action movies almost to the point of obsession, dick and fart jokes are plentiful, and there\’s a ton of profanity, and all of it feels like a old, comfortable pair of shoes. Even the episodes on topics that I have no interest in are completely enjoyable, and when they cover topics I share an interest in, they take podcast listening to another level This is truly some of the best of what Imaginary Radio has to offer.

I listen to SOD the second I see a new one
by PETER KOKTAVY – Sep 14, 2010
Stack of Dimes transports me to a magical time, pre-16 just before I could work – Summers dedicated to immersing ourselves in and talking about bad video, technology, tween politics, and junk food. What\’s amazing is, these guys are in their 30’s and I wish we could hang out for real.

No deep thoughts, just fun
by BigA11961 -Oct 20,2010
Just put your brain into neutral, listen and have a good time!

Better then Jean Claude in a speedo!
by Jeslahe – Oct 23, 2010
Like listening to a conversation with your friends! Love the childhood movie and toy Nostalgia. Great reviews on some of the worst movies!

Fantastic show!
by Hotcakesman – Nov 7, 2010
I listen to a lot of shows Mediocre Show, Obviously Oblivious, BaestCast, (iantbornbcast, Undercover Unitards, Geekshow … and I really love this show! Add it to your weekly rotation now!!

Fast food and poop stories
by Brendan Fellows – Nov 21, 2010
My favorite Huey Lewis and the News podcast. Anthony Bourdain is to eating good and travel as these guys are to eating crap and staying home. I love this podcast.

lamest podcast so far
by getoffthedime – Jun 24, 2010
If your lonely on some disturbing level and need a couple of imaginary radio buddies then by all means. But entertainment? Not so much . Unprepared and meandering … sometimes that makes for inspired pod. Not here. Not even dose. You wasted my time . I\’m pissed.

Great show
by Dustin Morro-Oct 8, 2010
Very entertaining. W000000000! Nature Boy Ric Flair approves!